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03 Jun 2011 Gluttons for Buttons: Google, Twitter, LinkedIn launch new tools

Google’s +1 launched Wednesday, challenging the Facebook like. What makes the +1 special is its integration with search results, with which publishers can hope to see higher traffic numbers as they gain +’s. The only question now is: are pages without a plus therefore “nonplussed”?

Following people on Twitter just got that much easier when it created the off-site “Follow” button. Instead of separately searching for and finding people, one click can automatically add accounts from whatever page they’re viewing.

And while you’re at it:

Applying for jobs but don’t actually want to work at it? Enter the “Apply with LinkedIn” button. The button will be displayed alongside job descriptions, according to a source to GigaOm, and will allow job candidates to send in their profile in the form of a resume, and also answer additional template questions as set by the company that’s hiring.

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