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Generative AI to accelerate progress

Customer experience solutions that amplify creativity, make processes more efficient, and summarise information at scale.

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Our solutions are based on Google Cloud AI technology, LangChain-based open source technology, and others.

Our team consists of solution architects, AI developers, prompt engineers, implementation engineers, data and machine learning specialists, product managers and designers.

Dialogue systems

Tailored conversational agents trained to talk about specific subjects, products, or content.

Contact centres

Complete cloud-native platforms to support multichannel communications between customers and agents.

Search engines

Enterprise-grade semantic search engines with a large body of information sourced from websites, unstructured and structured data.

Document processing

Building with composable multi- or hybrid cloud architectures

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Generative AI has the potential to transform the way businesses operate, and we are committed to helping businesses take advantage of this technology.”

Cass Surek
CTO at Beyond

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Opportunity Workshops

A facilitated session to uncover where Generative AI could bring value to your business ecosystem.

Architecture + Development Evaluation

An in-depth identification of the optimal architecture, models, prompts and refinement required to develop a Generative AI solution.

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Knowledge Bases

Extracting insights from unstructured data and surfacing them through natural language conversations.

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Creative Support

Generating product images based on textual descriptions that may otherwise be difficult to capture.

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Product Conversion

Enriching buying experiences with natural language interfaces that bolster product knowledge and confidence.

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Intelligent Summarisation

Succinctly summarising customer interactions with support agents to enhance customer service.

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Recommendation Engines

Providing guidance through AI-enabled recommendations for better product experiences.

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Contract Analyses

Reviewing and commenting on contract provisions, increasing efficiency in legal processes.

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Service Automations

Reducing customer service time by automating processes.

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Our Principles

When used thoughtfully and responsibly, we believe Generative AI holds immense promise for improving customer experiences. To guide us, we have developed a set of principles that describe how we use — and do not use — Generative AI.

Put people at the centre

We consider humans integral to the use of Generative AI. We primarily use AI to serve people and build human oversight and control into how AI systems work

Amplify human creativity

We use Generative AI to complement and extend human imagination and ingenuity, not replace it.

Experiment and validate before use

We embrace new Generative AI models as they arrive, but we first test them and learn what they are good at — and what they aren’t — before we use them.

Build for security and transparency

We make data privacy and protection a priority when using Generative AI. We work to ensure the role of AI is clearly communicated to those with whom we work and to the customers who use what we build.

Be responsible, ethical, and unbiased

We avoid using Generative AI in any way that could perpetuate discrimination, inequality, or harm to people.

Stay in compliance

We're committed to ensuring our use of Generative AI aligns with our contractual agreements and remains within agreed-upon terms and conditions.