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Uncover how GenAI can add value to your business

Take part in a virtual workshop facilitated by our AI + ML leaders to identify GenAI use cases tailored to your business and speed the path to a proof of concept. Contact us to see if your business is eligible to participate for free.

Why take part?

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Differentiate your offering

Leverage GenAI solutions to innovate and set your services apart, especially in competitive markets.

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Make processes more efficient

Streamline operations and enhance productivity by integrating AI-driven automation into your workflows.

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Deepen customer engagement

Utilize advanced AI tools to understand and anticipate customer needs, fostering stronger, more personalized connections.

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This workshop has been really excellent and thought-provoking.
Bravo! You're identifying some of AI’s real value for us.”

Stan Woods
CEO, Velocity

Who it’s for

This virtual workshop is primarily designed for Marketing and Operations leaders at mid-sized companies up to large-scale enterprises. If your business is actively exploring use cases for GenAI, but you’re struggling with challenges like those seen here, this workshop could be for you.

If this doesn’t quite describe you, don’t let that stop you from contacting us — we want to hear about your particular challenges to see how we can help.

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Get started
“We know that GenAI has the potential to help us, but we haven’t figured out exactly how.”
“Our customer experience is lagging, and we think AI could help us differentiate.”
“We’ve experimented with GenAI, but none of the off-the-shelf tools are a fit for our use case.”

Meet the team

Our AI + ML team is growing every day with a committed £1 million investment, and is led by a trio of industry experts.

Workshop benefits

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Get started
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Expert guidance

Beyond’s technology leaders are AI authorities with a combined 55+ years of experience and have been featured on outlets such as BBC News.

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Actionable ideas

Our focus on creating measurable value gives a more tailored sense of how to put AI to work to meet your KPIs than the typically marketed use cases.

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Speed to market

By the end, you’ll have a business case and proposal for a GenAI-powered proof of concept that could feasibly be built right away.

Get started

Let us know about your interest in a Generative AI workshop with Beyond. Our AI + ML leaders will review each enquiry to determine how we can help with your particular business case.

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