BPM Supreme

Helping DJs and producers level up with next-gen tech

Already making waves in the DJ community, BPM Music approached us with a successful platform. The goal? To create a highly intuitive product that would significantly enhance the user experience for DJs and producers while propelling BPM to the next level.

One experience, countless possibilities.

As the tech and music industries continue to evolve, we knew we needed to create an experience that could meet the evolving needs of DJs and producers.

The challenge was to develop a solution that offered on-the-go access with the full functionality expected from a native application. Our design system had to account for future feature releases and expansion, provide user-focused subscriptions, and enable fluidity and parity within the BPM platform so that users could enjoy a unified, responsive ecosystem.


Users, comprising DJs and producers, experienced a consolidation of a complex product experience

Designed and built highly dynamic, modular components fit to scale.

Developed a single repository for shared code, ensuring consistency across the experience.

A dynamic platform for seamless user interaction.

A dynamic, modular platform would allow DJs to stream or download music from a broad, consolidated library experience. An enhanced, user-friendly interface enables powerful search capabilities so users can filter by tempo, bpm, key, genre, file quality, and toggling between Latino (reggaeton, tropical, cumbia, bachata) and Open Format (hip-hop, R&B, pop, dance) genres.

Enhanced Added functionality would enable DJs and producers to work on the go, instantly syncing music, samples, and set lists to their desktop accounts while on the move or during live performances.

In turn, adopting a similarly modular, component-based approach would enable us to rapidly generate entire pages containing highly-dynamic features. These could be customized by adjusting the code of the shared componentry within a single repository or monorepo.

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Using tech to enliven the DJ experience.

Our API integration enabled connectivity (allowing for instantaneous syncing of music, samples, and set lists) and enhanced accessibility and design cohesion between desktop, web experience, and mobile app.

In partnership with BPM’s brand agency, we gave particular consideration to the choice of color palette to provide suitable differentiation between modules, aid usability, and ensure smooth switching between the platforms. We designed both light and dark interfaces to meet the needs of DJs working on the go, and when playing sets in low-lit club environments.

We built the mobile app using React Native – a framework that again allowed for a single code repository (albeit separate from the web monorepo). The code automatically compiled into both native Android and iOS apps, speeding up feature development. The outcome was a feature-rich platform – seamless, streamlined and enjoyable to use.

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Enriched user experience

Beyond took an industry-respected, comprehensive platform and streamlined its capabilities into a next-generation product ecosystem. By integrating a stack of enhanced curation and interaction-driven features, we modernized and enlivened the product experience.

DJs and producers can now deliver the most impressive sets possible, discover more of the music they want, and optimize their library organization.

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