Grow with Google

Grow with Google: learning at scale

Read about our collaboration with Google to develop Grow with Google – a series of educational platforms and tools designed to help millions of people across Europe, the Middle East and Asia equip themselves with the skills needed for an increasingly digital future.

Building a one-stop destination for digital skills

Grow with Google helps people learn and adopt the digital skills they need to find a job, grow in their career, or boost their business. To date, the programme has helped millions of people across Europe, Middle East and Africa achieve their personal and professional goals.

Since 2017, Beyond has collaborated with Google to design and build  three digital platforms and tools that underpin this programme across the entire EMEA region. This includes the flagship e-learning platform Digital Workshop, the AI for Business tool, and the Grow with Google marketing site – which has proved especially useful during the pandemic, when people’s working lives dramatically altered, and the demand for Google’s online training tripled.

We’ve worked to an evolving roadmap, redesigning the offering as the platforms expanded with changing user needs, and through partnerships with other Google teams, external course providers and country-specific initiatives.


Countries where Digital Workshop is available


Languages designed to fit each market

Evolving design in response to changing user needs and partnerships.

Designing for the future of work

Grow with Google evolves along with people’s changing preferences regarding how, where and when they work. As the needs of the modern workforce shift in response to a rapidly-transforming business climate, Grow with Google is able to equip users with the training they need.

People are at the heart of Grow with Google, and we’ve helped millions find a job, learn new skills, grow their career and accelerate their businesses through our work on the programme.

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Designed to adapt and grow

Grow with Google is our longest-standing programme at Beyond. We work on the design, the engineering and the product evolution.

Design-wise, we created a very accessible and user-friendly experience, easily navigable with primary colours on a white background in line with Google’s recognisable brand style.

A set of multinational platforms sit within the Grow with Google programme, each with local versions to benefit the specific training and business needs of people living in each country and region.

In particular, the Digital Workshop platform is user-led, and hyper-functional, with more registered users and traffic than any other product Beyond work with. It’s also designed for the speed of its evolution, whether that’s a new demand for specific skills from users, or a new learning medium such as webinars.

As the product evolves, so does our product roadmap, which keeps us highly responsive to business and user needs.

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Changing the world through learning

Millions of people have grown their business or learned new skills through Grow with Google. Teaching entrepreneurs how to successfully market and promote their businesses online has proved a vital contribution to business resilience during the pandemic, especially for the SME sector. Matt Brittin, President of Google EMEA Business & Operations, said the online tools had become a ‘lifeline’ and would help countries recover ‘more quickly and more sustainably’ from the pandemic.

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