Seven cool uses for VR technology

TechnologyJuly 29th, 2016

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Interact in real-time with virtual 3D friends

Microsoft created a VR system they call "Holoportation", which allows you to experience a digital 3D version of a friend in real-time 3D. As creepy as this might seem, it could be a pioneering example of how VR devices could bring digital interaction to a new level.


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VR Theme Parks:

The Void - A digital world in a physical space

What do you get if you cross Laser Tag, Escape the Room and VR immersive technology? Well, the makers of The Void think they've done it. Users will walk around a real dedicated playing space, perfectly mapped to a digital VR world. Multiple adventures and experiences can be then mapped to the same area - this could be a whole new way of imagining a theme park!

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Conveying a true VR Experience:

Using green screen technology to visualize what it feels like 

There's one inherent problem with VR: Its a solo experience. Only the person wearing the VR headset can truly feel like they are there, immersed in a virtual world.

Valve, the makers of SteamVR, showcased a simple yet ingenious idea of using movie green screen effects to give others a sense of what it's like to feel part of a virtual world.

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VR Blockbuster Movies:

Get right into the middle of movie special effects

Google 360 Spotlight turned to Fast & Furious and Star Trek Beyond director Justin Lin to create a spectacular special effects-filled VR movie experience.

Using a VR headset, your smartphone, or clicking and dragging the below video, you can view all 360 degrees of the action as it unfolds. Could this be the next progression of 3D immersive movie experiences?

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Painting in 3D:

Using VR technology to paint the impossible

Tilt Brush, developed by Google, is a VR tool for virtually painting in 3D. In these videos, Google asked different traditional artists to come and try out the system to show how creative and intuitive VR painting can be.

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Turn 2D movies into 3D:

Transforming existing classics into 360 degree experiences

Shining360 takes the classic Stanley Kubrik movie The Shining and brings it into a new dimension.

Digital artist Claire Hentschker used a process called photogrammetry to create a 3D version of a full 30 minutes of the film. The results are a bit weird, but it shows thow this technology might one day give a whole new feel to existing movies.

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Racing Drones:

The closest you can get to being an action pilot

Drones, or to use their correct name, Quadcopters or UAVs have taken the world by storm.

Whilst Quadcopter racing has been a thing for quite a while, in recent years pilots have started using VR headsets for a whole new experience. Mounting tiny 3D cameras on their copters, it can almost feel like they are really flying! Even the 2D footage of what they experience gives quite the thrill ride - (the first clip below is like watching a Star Wars chase!)